AFF Presentation Edition + Carter’s Black Ant Fly Sells at Carter Center Auction for $27K.

black ant fly

auction item

Over the past weekend (June 27, 2018), donors of all kinds gathered at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington to learn about, and raise money for, the upcoming work of The Carter Center. President Carter and his wife Mrs. Rosalynn Carter were both in attendance and interacting with the crowd. At the weekend’s end, the auction items and donations combined to raise $3.7M for the Carter Center programs.

Among the various items presented at auction was a copy of America’s Favorite Flies Presentation Edition Book. Alongside the book was a framed display that featured a page spread of the Carters’ Black Ant fishing fly. The pages show the donated fly tied by Jimmy Carter himself. The framed text includes the press proof excerpt that explains the history our previous President has had with his favorite “Black Ant” fly. (all pictured above). At auctions end, the winner closed the Presentation Book and framed piece at $27,000. Closing at a value well above retail, it almost goes without saying that the bidders at the Carter Center had much bigger things on their minds – Cleaner fisheries that is!